Dino Ilario Dal Ri - Metalux SAEstablished in 1964 by Dino Ilario Dal Ri. The company was focused from the beginning in the production of bottle capsules and constantly improving the quality by researching on materials, printing and forming procedures. Thanks to its advanced technology and innovative machinery Metalux is able to control step by step all the production process and guarantee every job is made with passion and expertise

METALUX, with 50 years of experience is always valid in order to satisfy any new requirement of each client and ensure for the best result by offering the free of charge services of the graphic. METALUX Group employs about 70 people. The company's philosophy is to provide to every client the best possible services, giving high importance to the quality of the products. METALUX Group supplies high quality capsules in over 25 countries around the world. METALUX is a reliable supplier to all kind of bottels: Wine, Spirits, Olive Oils, Table Oils and generally all kind of bottles. We thank our faithful clients and all new clients, because every year they award us with 20 - 30% production raising.

The primary activity of the company is the production of PVC, Aluminium-Polylaminate Bottle capsules and Champagne hoods according to the latest technologies in production procedures. The company also produce PVC sleeves, with or without printing in order to be used as safety tapes for jars, ketchup bottles and in general for bottle with a closure of large diameter.

METALUX S.A. is the main production plant of METALUX Group of companies. Founded in 1991, METALUX S.A. is manufacturer of Bootle capsules in the Global Packaging Market. METALUX is responsible to every client. It has large logistics facility. Customer's capsule can be stocked and send on demand to all over Europe. Our qualified crew services the clients at the highest possible level.