Polychamp Capsule

Our POLYCHAMP champagne hoods are designed for champagne, sparkling wine and cide bottles or similar

They are made in polylaminate aluminium/polietilene/aluminium in 64, 75, 90, 110 micron gauge.

These capsules are available in diameter of 34.0mm and in heights ranging from 65 to 140mm in conicity between 1:6.5 to 1:11.5; futhermore we have the following diameters: 31.5; 32.5; 34.5; 35.2; 37.5; 42.0 with rounded top and 32.0 with plain top for screw cap.

We produce also champagne hoods with Dome & Semi-Dome top disc.

It can be produced in an extensive range of colours, rotogravure decorations and hot foil printing.

These champagne hoods fit perfectly on your bottle giving an ideal product.